Your Birds and Chemicals

Birds are very sensitive to chemicals and gasses, so if you need to work with chemicals and or gases you should really research which ones could affect your bird. If you would rather be safe you can also try to ask a friend or relative to let your pet stay at their place while you are using the chemicals. One common situation you might face is when you or a neighbor close by gets pest control treatment.

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We made a few phone calls to Pest Control Company Richland to inquire about the effects of chemicals normally used for treatment. Most species of birds are in fact sensitive to a good amount of these chemicals, which is why it is advised that pets should be kept away from the treated area. As a precaution it might even be better for pets to remain away from the area a few days after humans are allowed back it, remember they are smaller and more sensitive to these chemicals.

When it comes to birds, you need to keep their environment clean and chemical-free; being small animals with a much more frail biology compared to mammals it is easy for them to die from the smallest amount of exposure.