Vinyl Plank Flooring – Advantages and Disadvantages

For a variety of different reasons, wood floors are most likely the most used flooring type amongst homeowners today. While it can be very costly, hardwood flooring gives a certain level of warmth and comfort to basically any space. Several of the bad elements of hardwood floors include its vulnerability to harm such as more, scratches, and stains. Overall, it is usually annoying to keep and clean on a consistent schedule.

Vinyl plank flooring is a more recent kind of flooring that provides most of the benefits of hardwood floors but at substantially reduced costs. Additionally, there are various other main benefits which vinyl plank floors have over hardwood floors which cause it to be an appealing choice for someone that wishes that classic wood floor appearance without the problems and also high price tags.

Vinyl Plank FlooringYou are able to discover vinyl plank flooring in a multitude of wood grain sizes. This provides you with the power to choose a grain size that directly fits your ideal choice of wood. Additionally, it’s readily available in several shades resembling cherry, maple, mahogany, oak, or maybe some other wood of your respective fancy. Actually, it does such a great job mimicking these organic woods that oftentimes you’d not be prepared to see the difference between wood and vinyl flooring.

Most likely the biggest benefit of vinyl flooring is how affordable it’s. The cost for this particular flooring type will typically fall within the assortment of one to four US dollars per square feet. Yet another excellent benefit of these floors is it’s incredibly durable and water resistant. Its ability to properly repel water enables you to use it with your home’s bathrooms or kitchen. It’s also resistant to the scratching and cracking that you’ll usually come across with healthy hardwood floors.

There are some disadvantages to vinyl flooring you must think about also. Because your average vinyl plank isn’t almost as heavy as all-natural wood planks, frequently you are going to need to set up an extra subflooring before set up. You have to to be very cautious with regards to washing vinyl plank flooring. Certain kinds of cleaners and solvents can, in fact, harm these floors, so you have to look for cleaners which are specially created to clean vinyl floors without destroying them.

Flooring is among the most apparent and crucial factors of any home. Thus, selecting the proper flooring is a really large choice that you would like to get right. When you choose to set up vinyl plank floors, you are going to want to find out about its disadvantages and advantages so that you are able to make the appropriate purchasing choice. Its also important to maintain your flooring. Check on the additional hints as to how you can have an affordable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional hardwood floors.