The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The super-rich are no different from us, just like us they keep up with the Joneses. But unlike us they do thing in a way larger scale, sometimes to unimaginable levels. So without further ado I give you the top ten most expensive yachts in the world.

10.) The Rising Sun

Valued at $200 Million, you think that Mercedes S class parked in your garage cost a fortune? Well this yachts price tag is equivalent to the GDP of a few third world countries, combined even. And this is the cheapest boat in the list.  You get what you pay for with this boat, with 82 rooms, 5 floors, Helicopter landing pad/basketball court, a wine cellar, and a theater. This supposedly cheapest one in the list will make any luxury yacht for rent look like a dingy.

9.) The Seven Seas

At $200 million, it is about the same price tag of number 10, this vessel gets the number 9 spot for having more amenities. Such as a Movie Theater, helipad, gymnasium, and an infinity pool, the fact the recreational area is separate from the helipad makes it more luxurious. A problem most people will never have.

8.) The Lady Moura carpet cleaners Utah

With a price tag of $210 million, The Lady Moura gets the number 8 spot.  Currently the 28th largest personal yacht in the world, her luxury is reflected in her name; seriously the name is made with 24k gold.


7.) The Al Mirab

Worth $250 Million, the yacht owned by the Prime Minister of Qatar, boasts ten bedroom suites, a helipad, a swimming pool, a movie theater, and a sun deck, with an exclusive VIP room just for the PM himself. Not much else is known about this boat, given that the owner is a government official, it is understandable.

6.) The Dilbar

At $263 Million, one of the largest yachts in the world, this vessel owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, named her Dilbar, in honor of his late mother. Columbus Ohio electricians did the great job with installing the lighting system on this yacht. Run by a crew of 47 and contains all the amenities any billionaire could want with a budget of $263 million.

5.) The Al Said

At the number 5 spot, we have the yacht named after the sultan that owns it, with an overall cost of 300 Million dollars! This Yacht is so massive, a crew of 154 is needed for it to function the way it is designed to be.  With everything you can think of in amenities, including a concert hall large enough for a full orchestra.

4.) Superyacht A

With a price tag 323 Million Dollars, the yacht is smaller than what you would expect for its construction cost. Only needing a crew of 42 and comfortably house 14 guests, it’s lacking in size is compensated with its amenities which includes a pool with a current to swim against.  With its architecture and the price tag, it is clear that this is actually a super villain’s lair.

3.) Dubai

AKA the Golden Star, AKA Platinum 525, this 350 million dollar yacht needed a second financier to complete. Currently owned by the Sheik of Dubai, and appropriately named Dubai, it is pretty obvious of Luxurious this vessel is.

2.) Eclipse

Those Russian billionaires and their Super Yachts/ Super Villain Lairs, you just can’t help but admire their awesome life style. This particular monster of a boat is estimated to price somewhere between 500 and 1 billion dollars, but it could even cost more (I just put it in number two to be safe). All that is known is that it can house 70 henchmen, 23 guests, and 1 captive British spy. With all the amenities you could think of including two helipads, and 1 private submarine (which I am pretty sure the spy will use to escape).

1.) Streets of Monaco 

Finally out number one spot, with an estimated cost of over $1B, probably. This monstrosity is still under construction. If you would like to know why it costs so much then you should look at the photo (Google it if need be).


So there it is! The top 10 most expensive yachts in the world! Proving that Billionaires have all the fun, and bond villains are real.