Social Security Disability – How Your Age Is A Huge Factor

Every year over 2.5 million disability programs are filed along with the Social Security Administration. Of these applications, just thirty % are approved at the original phase of the application operation. The rest of the seventy % should appeal the SSA’s choice to deny benefits or even give up hope of getting benefits.

Lots of people question why applications are approved or even denied and whether age plays some component in the SSA’s choice regarding whether or not they’ll award benefits. In case you’ve considered applying for impairment and wonder how your age will change your impairment case, the following info can help you understand what job your age plays in your ability to qualify for disability benefits. HurtAtWork Social firm has the advantage of an established Workers Compensation and Social Security benefits department working side by side.

firmSocial Security Disability and even age

Age might not be a deciding factor when it comes to disability programs, though lots of times it can relax a component in the SSA’s choice on if to award disability benefits. This’s because of the vocational and medical guidelines which are set forth by the SSA.

If the Social Security office reviews an impairment program, certain medications, as well as vocational guidelines, have to be used when determining whether or not to approve a claim. You will find guidelines set forth that relate to one’s era, but that doesn’t mean your age will immediately disqualify you from getting disability benefits.

If the SSA reviews your disability program, they should decide whether or not you’re in a position to get involved in gainful employment. Even in case you’ve suffered a disability which stops you from carrying out your typical job functions, your age could play a part in figuring out if you are able to do other work types.

Let us say, for instance, you’ve no experience besides construction work. In case you experience a back injury and aren’t able to do your typical line of work you might wish to use for disability benefits. Even in case, your issue falls under Social Security’s Impairment Listings, that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly qualify for benefits. Your age may also play a role in the choice.

Using the above-mentioned example, in case you’re over the age of fifty your chances to be approved for disability benefits will get so much greater than in case you were in your thirties or twenties. This’s since it will be much tougher for you to enter right into a new type of work. In case you’re younger, the SSA will expect you to obtain the essential work skills to perform different employment types. On the other hand, in case your disability stops you from performing some work type at all, you’d probably be accredited for disability benefits no matter your age.

Figuring out the Role Your Age will Play

In case you’re using for disability benefits, it could be beneficial to know how the SSA views the various age groups and also work for groups. In case you’re much younger than forty-four yrs of age, the SSA will look at you as a person. All those that are between the ages of forty-four to forty-nine are believed young people and also anyone between the ages of forty-nine to fifty-five is considered improving in age. In case you’re over the age of fifty-five when you use for Social Security Disability benefits, the SSA will consider you advanced in age range.

In addition to figuring out your age, the SSA will find out what work types you are able to do. You will find 4 types into what Social Security groups purposeful capacities such as sedentary work, heavyweight work, medium work and also light work. Regardless of how young you’re, in case you’re unable to do even the sedentary amount of work resulting from your disability, you’ll probably be accredited for disability benefits.

What to Do In case Your Claim Is actually Denied

In case you use for Social Security Disability as well as your claim is denied, it’s to your advantage to file an appeal with the Social Security Administration within sixty many days of getting the decision notice. In case you think your age has had an aspect in your denied Social Security Disability program and that the Social Security Administration didn’t fairly be aware of your failure to do some work type at all, you need to retain the providers of a Social Security Disability lawyer. Your lawyer is able to boost your odds of a booming Social Security Disability case and also will make sure that all elements of your respective disability are taken into consideration throughout the Social Security Disability appeal process.