Seven Reasons Why Parrots Are Not Good Pets

Parrots are pets that can be both lovely and a menace at the same time. Just like with dogs, people often make a hasty decision to buy a parrot and ultimately end up not looking after it as they should.

When you’re choosing a parrot as a pet, you need to take it in constant consideration and cannot neglect it by any means.

Parrots are intelligent pets. They are also very sensitive, complex and affectionate animals, who turn out to be some of the most rewarding companions in life. That is what they are, a companion and they need to be treated like one.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Parrot

#1 Parrot Are Wild

Since parrots are meant to be in the wild, the jungle per say, having them domesticated is a struggle. They are not like dogs or cats and needed to be treated differently too. Their DNA hasn’t been altered through breeding, and their traits might vary from pets that are domesticated. Their behaviours are thus entirely unexpected and wild.

#2 Parrots are a Commitment in Years

If you’re thinking of getting a parrot, you need to consider the fact that they live a very long life. They live between sixty to seventy years, which is a complete lifetime. Getting a parrot thus doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with it for 10 to 15 years, such as with other pets, it’s a lifetime commitment.

#3 They are Noisy

Considering that parrots are the loudest pet you can have, you might want to think whether it’s something you can handle or not. With a parrot, there is no off switch, as they screech, sing, whistle, bark and talk. If you choose to teach the parrot to talk, they might not stop at all.

noicy parrot

#4 Parrots are Attention-Seeking Pets

Parrots need a lot of attention, and the same goes for different types of parrot species. Whether you’re looking for a Macaw or a Lovebird, they’ll require your time, affection and a ton of love. Getting two birds rather than one might also be a better option for you, as it will mean that you won’t have to provide all the attention.

#5 Parrots Can Be Messy

Since they eat smaller foods, such as seeds, fruits and nuts, they will mess a lot, especially because they like to break their food open and throw it around in their cage. Other than that, they also lose a ton of feathers, which will cause a big mess.

#6 Parrots are Very Intelligent

It might not seem like a reason to not get one, but with, they have incredible cognitive abilities and like to solve complex problems, use tools and speak, to be able to communicate with you. To set things in perspective, they have the cognitive abilities of a child, meaning they can be a bit over-bearing.

#7 They are Emotional Pets

They have both good moods and bad moods, and if there’s anything to compare them with, it’s a two-year-old with a lot of tantrums.