Parrot and Bird Safety When Hiring Exterminators

canary-coal-miningBirds are very sensitive to gas, that is why miners have been using them to indicate safety levels of the environment when mining in deep levels. Unfortunately this also means that your pet is very sensitive when it comes to gases and carbon dioxide, so you will have to be very cautious where you place its cage, and the nature of the surrounding area. The best way to avoid and danger for your parrot and other birds is to make sure that the area you place them in is well ventilated and that there is no sign of anything that could cause pollutants or gas leaks.


When Hiring and Exterminator

If you have an absolute need for exterminators it would be best for you to approach the exterminating with caution and a lot of questions, such as what gases they use and how long it would take for the gas they use to dissipate to levels that it is safe for small animals such as birds.

In my experience local Bakersfield exterminators are very knowledgeable about these and are well equipped to handle any situations. Be sure to tell them of your concerns, such as pets and everything else, so that they would know what to do for you and your home to make sure that their services and safety procedures will be of the utmost.

Make sure that the exterminators are licensed and have all the government paperwork. That way you know you can trust them and the chemicals they use is safe for you, your family, and your pets.



If you fail to inform your exterminator of the whole situation and/or you fail to hire licensed establishments, you may be putting your whole family, including your pets at risk.

The chemicals they are using could be more toxic and last longer than those of regulated insecticide, which could pose a health risk for everyone even after the fumes, are gone.

Criminals posing as people from service industry, while this is not something Polly would be concerned of, the fact that you could be endangering yourself with these individuals is something you will need to look out for. Sometimes they will not steal anything but copy keys and make a move after a few months, if this happens they’ll be put in jail and the only way to get out of it is opting out for a service that bail bondsmen offer.



Birds are wonderful creatures and fun pets, but remember that when it comes to their safety, even the unseen is something you should definitely look out for. It is important that you keep them safe from pests and critters, but be sure to keep them safe from the things you use to fend of the pests and critters.

Sometimes, in an effort to save what you love, you end up hurting what you love most. Don’t let that happen to anyone in your life. Not your family, not your friends, and also not your pets.



If you live in Bakersfield, most local exterminators are actually quite good when it comes to this. Any one of them are fine to employ, just make sure that you inform them of your pets and other concerns.