New Jersey Bird Feeding Saved by Waste Removal Service

Winter is back but it does not mean that the birds we love are gone.  We know that it is difficult for birds to find food during winter so it is a good idea to set up a bird feeder to lure them back. It is a kind gesture to help these feathered pals survive the cold.

We have a good number of birds here in New Jersey and it will be fun to have the company colorful birds and the sweet songs they sing in this cold weather. Imagine seeing chickadees, cardinals, blue jays and doves. In rare occasions, nuthatches, gray juncos and woodpeckers also abound.

The thought of this made me ran to the nearest store to get myself a bird feeder. I had to be extra picky because there are also squirrels in my yard. It was unwise to buy a default plastic or wooden feeder because my squirrel fiends can trash it in no time. Good thing, I saw this feeder with an inner seed hopper that covered by a wire mesh. The squirrels could not chew on the mesh leaving the precious seeds safe for the birds to eat.

I was ready to set it up when I saw that there are some garden waste that beg to be disposed. It was just stashed in the corner of the yard but it destroys the view of my garden. I planned to clean it up yesterday but there were more important things to do.

I was ready to push the thought of doing the garbage disposal behind but then this pile of garbage is right in the perfect spot where I planned to put my feeder. I got no choice but to get rid of it fast! I was not in the mood to get down and dirty with it so I searched the net for a disposal service and waste removal company that can do the job in a jiffy, this company also have a carpet cleaning company that does a great job in making your carpets looks fresh and clean.

I was surprised that there are now so many disposal services and waste removal companies here in New Jersey.  I was lucky to find the disposal service that can handle my garden waste the next day. It was so easy to set a schedule because it can be done online.

I had to put off the set up of my feeder for just a day but it seems that it was the longest 24 hours of my life! I am just too excited to do it already. Next thing I know, the disposal service got rid of my junk. I am so amazed that cleaning up can be done by just a tap of the finger on the computer.

Finally, I got to set up my feeder. I choose Suet as my feed of the day. I bought the variety that has peppers on it so that the squirrels will not even attempt to eat it. I was sure that only the birds will enjoy the treat because they do not mind the spice.

Soon enough, the birds flocked to my yard. I almost forgot that it was winter.