Interesting Facts About Parrots You Might Want to Know


So you want to know more about parrots, maybe because you have one or you accidentally killed the one you are looking after for a friend. Well if you want to know if parrots can play dead, then yes they can when you train them, but if it hasn’t been moving for a while now and you’re carrying it with your hands, then you are probably holding a dead bird and you should go to the pet store now to find a replacement before your friend returns. If you are reading this to know if getting a parrot would be a good idea then please read on. There are so many things about parrots that show how good of a pet they are. So let’s talk about the amazing bird that is the parrot.

Since we began this article with a little joke about parrot death, let’s talk about the lifespan of parrots. Depending on how small they are and their species their lifespan will vary, but an easy way to determine how long your pet parrot will live is by its size. Smaller parrots tend to live the shortest lifespan, but amazingly enough that is still about fifteen to twenty years, while the medium size ones live for about thirty years, and the large parrots’ lives at a maximum of ONE HUNDRED years. So yeah, you can’t tell your friend that the bird you killed died of old age.

If you are thinking of blaming its death on how stupid birds area, I am afraid that you are mistaken. Parrots are actually really smart birds, if not the smartest, you might think that their imitation of speaking our words are just them copying noises, but studies show that they can also associate words with objects and situations. Scientists even theorize that the parrot have the same intelligence and understanding of a four year old human, to the point that they could pretty much problem solve a few complex things. And parrot lovers like your friend knows these facts, so he will know that you are lying. Many carpet cleaners in Salt Lake City offer discounts for seniors.

Avocado is poisonous to parrots and other birds, so if you fed your friend’s parrot avocado then that is probably the cause of your dilemma right now. Hide the skin and seeds, and eat all the remaining pulp in your house to hide the evidence of your crime. Though you will have to face the truth soon enough.

Parrots are usually known as tropical birds, which for the most part is true, but there is a species of parrot in New Zealand that lives at the cold mountainous regions of the country. They are called Keas and they are known for stealing stuff from people, which is why I no longer have an IPhone.

There are so many things to learn about parrots, but the best way to learn and understand them is by having one. Parrots are wonderful companions that, depending on the species, can be a lifetime pet. Get one now and experience the joy of owning a parrot, or at least get one to replace the one you just killed.