Five Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Parrot

Parrots can be lovely pets, but they can also be the most annoying pet you’ll ever have, especially if you’re not willing to commit to it.

So, if you’re thinking of buying a parrot, you best have the correct intentions when it comes to looking after it. That’s because parrots were made to fly, and if they’re caged up, or not able to fly, they need constant interaction with their owners.

Parrots often feel neglected, and it does not allow due to them having bad owners, it’s just because they are misunderstood most of the time.

If you think about a smaller bird, like the traditional pet store bird, you’ll know that they don’t require as much attention, as per say, a dog, but when it comes to parrots, they have an interactive sense to them that cannot be denied. They have a greater need to communicate with their owners and, explore. After all, they are wild birds and were meant to live in the trees of rainforests, somewhere indigenous.


Before Getting a Parrot, Consider the Following;

  • Parrots are extremely noisy – Something that cannot be taken lightly, because if you’re somebody with a low tolerance to noise or being disturbed, getting a parrot won’t work for you. If you want a parrot and you’re completely fine with the noise, you might want to consider your living conditions as having an apartment with neighbours that are extremely close to yours, won’t do.
  • Parrots are very messy – Apart from puppies per say, parrots might be considered as the messiest pets on the market. Having a parrot will require you to clean up after them on a regular basis, and because they eat seeds, your cleaning duties might become a daily routine too.
  • Parrots have an expensive diet – Not necessarily always, but parrots do require more than just seeds to stay healthy. Feeding them only seeds, however, is far too restrictive especially when they’re used to eating a wider variety of food. A healthy parrot requires seeds, fruit, vegetables, nuts and grubs. Preparing their food might be more time consuming, as well as more expensive.
  • Parrots don’t behave – You can’t exactly expect them to listen to you when you scold them either. Although they are intelligent, they are after all birds, and they need to be monitored when on the loose, as they might disrupt your furniture.
  • Parrots need your attention – Even if you’ve already heard this one, they do. They are not an easy pet to have, and although they don’t require to be walked or taken outside daily, they do need to be talked to, taken for walks out of their cage, be shown affection, as well as feel like they’re learning.