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Interesting Facts About Parrots You Might Want to Know


So you want to know more about parrots, maybe because you have one or you accidentally killed the one you are looking after for a friend. Well if you want to know if parrots can play dead, then yes they can when you train them, but if it hasn’t been moving for a while now and you’re carrying it with your hands, then you are probably holding a dead bird and you should go to the pet store now to find a replacement before your friend returns. If you are reading this to know if getting a parrot would be a good idea then please read on. There are so many things about parrots that show how good of a pet they are. So let’s talk about the amazing bird that is the parrot.

Since we began this article with a little joke about parrot death, let’s talk about the lifespan of parrots. Depending on how small they are and their species their lifespan will vary, but an easy way to determine how long your pet parrot will live is by its size. Smaller parrots tend to live the shortest lifespan, but amazingly enough that is still about fifteen to twenty years, while the medium size ones live for about thirty years, and the large parrots’ lives at a maximum of ONE HUNDRED years. So yeah, you can’t tell your friend that the bird you killed died of old age.

If you are thinking of blaming its death on how stupid birds area, I am afraid that you are mistaken. Parrots are actually really smart birds, if not the smartest, you might think that their imitation of speaking our words are just them copying noises, but studies show that they can also associate words with objects and situations. Scientists even theorize that the parrot have the same intelligence and understanding of a four year old human, to the point that they could pretty much problem solve a few complex things. And parrot lovers like your friend knows these facts, so he will know that you are lying. Many carpet cleaners in Salt Lake City offer discounts for seniors.

Avocado is poisonous to parrots and other birds, so if you fed your friend’s parrot avocado then that is probably the cause of your dilemma right now. Hide the skin and seeds, and eat all the remaining pulp in your house to hide the evidence of your crime. Though you will have to face the truth soon enough.

Parrots are usually known as tropical birds, which for the most part is true, but there is a species of parrot in New Zealand that lives at the cold mountainous regions of the country. They are called Keas and they are known for stealing stuff from people, which is why I no longer have an IPhone.

There are so many things to learn about parrots, but the best way to learn and understand them is by having one. Parrots are wonderful companions that, depending on the species, can be a lifetime pet. Get one now and experience the joy of owning a parrot, or at least get one to replace the one you just killed.

Your Birds and Chemicals

Birds are very sensitive to chemicals and gasses, so if you need to work with chemicals and or gases you should really research which ones could affect your bird. If you would rather be safe you can also try to ask a friend or relative to let your pet stay at their place while you are using the chemicals. One common situation you might face is when you or a neighbor close by gets pest control treatment.

Amarillo dentist

We made a few phone calls to Pest Control Company Richland to inquire about the effects of chemicals normally used for treatment. Most species of birds are in fact sensitive to a good amount of these chemicals, which is why it is advised that pets should be kept away from the treated area. As a precaution it might even be better for pets to remain away from the area a few days after humans are allowed back it, remember they are smaller and more sensitive to these chemicals.

When it comes to birds, you need to keep their environment clean and chemical-free; being small animals with a much more frail biology compared to mammals it is easy for them to die from the smallest amount of exposure.

Why Birds Don’t Get Electrocuted On High Voltage Wires

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was drinking my coffee while watching the skies for birds. My view was suddenly blocked by an electrician fixing something on the electric pole. It was an interesting contrast seeing the full-geared electrician while the birds are sitting pretty on the wires without any care in the world.

For regular humans like us, we need the help of professional electricians to touch wires other than the ones in our appliances. It is extremely dangerous to tinker with electricity without proper training and safety gear. Let’s leave the job to the licensed electricians.

But you might be wondering why birds are not electrocuted while standing on high voltage wires. Do they have special powers? Are their feet specially designed to withstand electric currents?

Here’s an scientific explanation that I’ve got from Joe, who’s my uncle and a licensed electrician. He said that – First, we need to understand that electrical current is caused by the movement of electrons. The power plants pull the energy from the ground and then transmitted through the power cables. Eventually, the energy travels back to the ground. These electrons do not flow if there is no difference in electrical potential. 

When a bird is standing on one wire, there is no variation in the electrical potential that will lead the electrons to flow to the bird. However, when the bird accidentally touches another wire, like when it stretches its wings, there will be another path where the electricity can flow. The movement of the electric current from the first wire to the second wire will cause the energy to travel through the bird will electrocute the bird. 

It is also similarly dangerous when the bird sits on the power poles and accidentally touch a wire. Remember that electricity comes from the ground, and the electric poles are buried there. That is also the same reason why people is prone to getting an electric shock. We are always in contact with the ground that when we touch a live wire, we get electrocuted.  

The electricians wear special equipment to protect them from electric current while they work that is why you see them handling cables with no problem at all. But they are still at risk if they make a wrong move. So, if it is dangerous for them, it is even more harmful to people without training and protective gear. That is why we certainly need electricians to deal with the live wire issues. Or perhaps train the birds to do the job.

Next time you see a bird sitting on the electric cables, you will no longer be baffled at how they can achieve such a feat. Don’t you wish you have wings to so that you can be off the ground sometimes? It must be fun sitting high up on a wire, and not die as a result of it.

Rescue Birds The Right Way

There is a chance that you see a young bird on the ground. It is easy to assume that the tiny bird needs help but this is not always the case. Sometimes, trying to rescue a bird can do more harm than good. You can avoid this mistake by knowing the right way to rescue birds. Here are some signs that you need to check to know whether the bird needs rescue.

  • Its wings are drooping unevenly
  • It is shivering and weak
  • It is unable to flutter its wings
  • It has been attacked by an animal or human

The next thing you need to check is whether the bird is a hatchling or a fledgling.

  • Hatchlings – They are still featherless and are pinkish in color. They cannot move around much and they need to stay in the nest so their parents can feed them. They usually fall off the nest when the wind is blowing hard.
  • Fledglings – They are still young but they already grew their feathers. These juvenile birds instinctually fly to the ground but they have not yet fully developed their taking off skills. They actually spend several weeks hopping on the ground to learn hunting and foraging. The parent is still watching and feeding the fledging during this period so no need to panic when you see one.

Pest control may also affect birds in this stage so try to ensure that harmful pesticides are not present where they live. You can visit website for more information about pest control products.

You need to identify the stage where the bird is to know the proper way to rescue it. If you found a hatchling, please remember that it needs its parent to survive. It is not true that the mother will abandon the bird if it has been exposed to human touch so the best rescue is to return it to its parent. Here are the things you need to do when you found a hatchling.

  1. Try to look for the bird’s nest. If it is intact, safely return the bird there.
  2. If the nest is already broken, you can make a makeshift nest using a plastic container. Just put nesting material, such as dried twigs and leaves, to make it warm for the bird. You can also use a clean cloth or paper towel if you cannot find enough twigs and leaves.
  3. Place the makeshift nest back on the tree closest to where you found the hatchling. Secure the nest with a nail to prevent it from falling again.
  4. Observe if the mother bird has returned to the nest within the day.

If it is a fledging, the best way is to just leave it where it is. The parent may be closely watching it and may attack you if you try to go near it. Just keep animals and children away to keep the fledging safe from disturbance.

In rare instances that the bird is really hurt or the parent is no longer feeding the young, you need to retrieve the bird and carefully place in a shoe box. Bring the injured bird to a veterinarian, animal rescue organizations or a wildlife rehabilitator so that the proper treatment can be given. Please never attempt to feed it because the bird may be poisoned if the wrong food is given.

You may be tempted to keep the rescued bird but remember that birds are meant to fly and not kept in cage. They will be happier in the wild where they belong.

New Jersey Bird Feeding Saved by Waste Removal Service

Winter is back but it does not mean that the birds we love are gone.  We know that it is difficult for birds to find food during winter so it is a good idea to set up a bird feeder to lure them back. It is a kind gesture to help these feathered pals survive the cold.

We have a good number of birds here in New Jersey and it will be fun to have the company colorful birds and the sweet songs they sing in this cold weather. Imagine seeing chickadees, cardinals, blue jays and doves. In rare occasions, nuthatches, gray juncos and woodpeckers also abound.

The thought of this made me ran to the nearest store to get myself a bird feeder. I had to be extra picky because there are also squirrels in my yard. It was unwise to buy a default plastic or wooden feeder because my squirrel fiends can trash it in no time. Good thing, I saw this feeder with an inner seed hopper that covered by a wire mesh. The squirrels could not chew on the mesh leaving the precious seeds safe for the birds to eat.

I was ready to set it up when I saw that there are some garden waste that beg to be disposed. It was just stashed in the corner of the yard but it destroys the view of my garden. I planned to clean it up yesterday but there were more important things to do.

I was ready to push the thought of doing the garbage disposal behind but then this pile of garbage is right in the perfect spot where I planned to put my feeder. I got no choice but to get rid of it fast! I was not in the mood to get down and dirty with it so I searched the net for a disposal service and waste removal company that can do the job in a jiffy, this company also have a carpet cleaning company that does a great job in making your carpets looks fresh and clean.

I was surprised that there are now so many disposal services and waste removal companies here in New Jersey.  I was lucky to find the disposal service that can handle my garden waste the next day. It was so easy to set a schedule because it can be done online.

I had to put off the set up of my feeder for just a day but it seems that it was the longest 24 hours of my life! I am just too excited to do it already. Next thing I know, the disposal service got rid of my junk. I am so amazed that cleaning up can be done by just a tap of the finger on the computer.

Finally, I got to set up my feeder. I choose Suet as my feed of the day. I bought the variety that has peppers on it so that the squirrels will not even attempt to eat it. I was sure that only the birds will enjoy the treat because they do not mind the spice.

Soon enough, the birds flocked to my yard. I almost forgot that it was winter.

Parrot and Bird Safety When Hiring Exterminators

canary-coal-miningBirds are very sensitive to gas, that is why miners have been using them to indicate safety levels of the environment when mining in deep levels. Unfortunately this also means that your pet is very sensitive when it comes to gases and carbon dioxide, so you will have to be very cautious where you place its cage, and the nature of the surrounding area. The best way to avoid and danger for your parrot and other birds is to make sure that the area you place them in is well ventilated and that there is no sign of anything that could cause pollutants or gas leaks.


When Hiring and Exterminator

If you have an absolute need for exterminators it would be best for you to approach the exterminating with caution and a lot of questions, such as what gases they use and how long it would take for the gas they use to dissipate to levels that it is safe for small animals such as birds.

In my experience local Bakersfield exterminators are very knowledgeable about these and are well equipped to handle any situations. Be sure to tell them of your concerns, such as pets and everything else, so that they would know what to do for you and your home to make sure that their services and safety procedures will be of the utmost.

Make sure that the exterminators are licensed and have all the government paperwork. That way you know you can trust them and the chemicals they use is safe for you, your family, and your pets.



If you fail to inform your exterminator of the whole situation and/or you fail to hire licensed establishments, you may be putting your whole family, including your pets at risk.

The chemicals they are using could be more toxic and last longer than those of regulated insecticide, which could pose a health risk for everyone even after the fumes, are gone.

Criminals posing as people from service industry, while this is not something Polly would be concerned of, the fact that you could be endangering yourself with these individuals is something you will need to look out for. Sometimes they will not steal anything but copy keys and make a move after a few months, if this happens they’ll be put in jail and the only way to get out of it is opting out for a service that bail bondsmen offer.



Birds are wonderful creatures and fun pets, but remember that when it comes to their safety, even the unseen is something you should definitely look out for. It is important that you keep them safe from pests and critters, but be sure to keep them safe from the things you use to fend of the pests and critters.

Sometimes, in an effort to save what you love, you end up hurting what you love most. Don’t let that happen to anyone in your life. Not your family, not your friends, and also not your pets.



If you live in Bakersfield, most local exterminators are actually quite good when it comes to this. Any one of them are fine to employ, just make sure that you inform them of your pets and other concerns.

The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

The super-rich are no different from us, just like us they keep up with the Joneses. But unlike us they do thing in a way larger scale, sometimes to unimaginable levels. So without further ado I give you the top ten most expensive yachts in the world.

10.) The Rising Sun

Valued at $200 Million, you think that Mercedes S class parked in your garage cost a fortune? Well this yachts price tag is equivalent to the GDP of a few third world countries, combined even. And this is the cheapest boat in the list.  You get what you pay for with this boat, with 82 rooms, 5 floors, Helicopter landing pad/basketball court, a wine cellar, and a theater. This supposedly cheapest one in the list will make any luxury yacht for rent look like a dingy.

9.) The Seven Seas

At $200 million, it is about the same price tag of number 10, this vessel gets the number 9 spot for having more amenities. Such as a Movie Theater, helipad, gymnasium, and an infinity pool, the fact the recreational area is separate from the helipad makes it more luxurious. A problem most people will never have.

8.) The Lady Moura carpet cleaners Utah

With a price tag of $210 million, The Lady Moura gets the number 8 spot.  Currently the 28th largest personal yacht in the world, her luxury is reflected in her name; seriously the name is made with 24k gold.


7.) The Al Mirab

Worth $250 Million, the yacht owned by the Prime Minister of Qatar, boasts ten bedroom suites, a helipad, a swimming pool, a movie theater, and a sun deck, with an exclusive VIP room just for the PM himself. Not much else is known about this boat, given that the owner is a government official, it is understandable.

6.) The Dilbar

At $263 Million, one of the largest yachts in the world, this vessel owned by Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, named her Dilbar, in honor of his late mother. Columbus Ohio electricians did the great job with installing the lighting system on this yacht. Run by a crew of 47 and contains all the amenities any billionaire could want with a budget of $263 million.

5.) The Al Said

At the number 5 spot, we have the yacht named after the sultan that owns it, with an overall cost of 300 Million dollars! This Yacht is so massive, a crew of 154 is needed for it to function the way it is designed to be.  With everything you can think of in amenities, including a concert hall large enough for a full orchestra.

4.) Superyacht A

With a price tag 323 Million Dollars, the yacht is smaller than what you would expect for its construction cost. Only needing a crew of 42 and comfortably house 14 guests, it’s lacking in size is compensated with its amenities which includes a pool with a current to swim against.  With its architecture and the price tag, it is clear that this is actually a super villain’s lair.

3.) Dubai

AKA the Golden Star, AKA Platinum 525, this 350 million dollar yacht needed a second financier to complete. Currently owned by the Sheik of Dubai, and appropriately named Dubai, it is pretty obvious of Luxurious this vessel is.

2.) Eclipse

Those Russian billionaires and their Super Yachts/ Super Villain Lairs, you just can’t help but admire their awesome life style. This particular monster of a boat is estimated to price somewhere between 500 and 1 billion dollars, but it could even cost more (I just put it in number two to be safe). All that is known is that it can house 70 henchmen, 23 guests, and 1 captive British spy. With all the amenities you could think of including two helipads, and 1 private submarine (which I am pretty sure the spy will use to escape).

1.) Streets of Monaco 

Finally out number one spot, with an estimated cost of over $1B, probably. This monstrosity is still under construction. If you would like to know why it costs so much then you should look at the photo (Google it if need be).


So there it is! The top 10 most expensive yachts in the world! Proving that Billionaires have all the fun, and bond villains are real.

Think Twice Before Having a Plastic Surgery

While there are a number of cosmetic surgery possibilities available today that may correct just about any epidermis or body problem, it’s important for patients to possess realistic expectations. Do not enable price to stand on the way of having the very best surgeon you may find to perform your cosmetic surgery. So whilst the end result could possibly be attractive it’s important to think about the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery and opt when it is appropriate for you. The large quantities of patients are expecting such augmentations in their own body at some very good cosmetic surgery clinics.

Cosmetic surgery can help people with extremely low self-esteem.

Cosmetic surgery is really a treatment taken up by many individuals who wish to enhance their physical capabilities. Although some patients desire to undergo cosmetic surgery to boost their breast size, others have a breast reduction as a way to lower their breast size. Among the most essential factors which can lead to difficulty in receiving cosmetic surgery done is if you’re a smoker. When you have scars due to acne and wounds or you would just like to enhance your skin’s appearance, it is possible to find solution through cosmetic surgery.

bail bondsman san diego

Of the most important things most people today are worried about when exploring cosmetic surgery procedures and costs may be the price related to cosmetic surgery. One of the serious issues with the cosmetic surgery industry in Britain is the variety of procedures on offer, and the amount of practitioners keen to perform them. This could pose an immense risk to the possibility of complications during surgery.

Cosmetic surgery could be carried out to enhance numerous aspects on one’s everyday living. The expense of cosmetic surgery really depends on the form of treatment that you go in for in addition to extent of surgery that is required. The price of cosmetic surgery abroad is based on the form of treatment you are interested in in addition to extent of surgery which is needed. Cosmetic surgery laws want to shield people who undergo this form of medical procedure.

What it takes to succeed in the businesses world

cartoon business manAs the twenty-first century goes on, people around the world are recognizing the excellent value of creating strong small business skills. While figuring out how to negotiate is really a valuable skill within the expert world, it may also be infinitely helpful in somebody’s personal daily life. Yet a good number of these individuals have to understand how these business skills can be equally as useful within the personal life as they truly are within the expert world.

Conflict resolution is an amazingly effective skill for someone to learn. So as to succeed, you should understand and also develop a pack of fundamental small business skills. The progress of every business depends on the skills of its own employees.

You need to have some simple computer skills. In addition, you need to understand fundamental internet skills. You can certainly enhance your vocabulary through training software which offers a comprehensive number of exercises. The approach to training contains a high degree of interactivity.

Effective communication could be the most valuable skill an individual can have. An individual working within an organization probably will communicate with stakeholders and peers throughout the medium of memos and letters. An employee which has competency in business language skills will probably manage to climb up the career ladder without difficulty. With this particular skill, people may learn to bring an end to disagreements as well as their resulting tension so to be sure that the workplace doesn’t become hostile or unproductive.

It’s critical to get these language skills if you like to get a Bakersfield bail bondsmanthriving career. You can develop the company computer skills essential to succeed in the current modern office environment. The course provides the students a chance to use the skills as well as the knowledge that they’ve learned through the program. We can likewise work with you to do workshops especially designed to fulfill the needs of your own artists, audience and budget.

The progress of a business can be found in the capabilities and competencies of its own employees and improving your company language skills are able to help you become an essential asset for your own organization. When you hire a new employee, superior communication skills assist you to select the most suitable individual. Your IT personnel need to have an excellent working knowledge of the company. Your IT personnel must respond rapidly to business requirements.

You may possess the world’s greatest item and the best marketing for selling that item, but if you don’t have a productive strategy underlying your company or organization, a template for the way that it should run, you are going to find it tough to keep on the peak of the small business world. Our quick small business health check can help you to consider where you’re at the present time and give you some first ideas for sections of the small business plan which you might need to think about. Of course you’re going to require sales skills to be able to run your company

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